LIKE LEAH – THE APPROVAL THIRST IS REAL (3 ways to deal with it)

I love bible stories, but this story isn’t one often told, at least not in this context. Leah was the eldest of two daughters, her sister Rachel according to the bible was beautiful in form and appearance, but Leah was described as one with weak eyes (what does that even mean?). The foundation of Leah’s... Continue Reading →



In about two weeks, the first quarter of the year will come to an end and I couldn’t be happier about how the last three months have been. (Well almost three months) I remember coming into this year both incredibly optimistic and determined. December 2017 was truly an experience! I spent a huge part of... Continue Reading →

12 Likely Places To Meet A Potential Boo

                            Before getting married, I commuted with public transportation quite often. And if you live in Lagos and have ever tried moving around in any of those vehicles, then you know for a fact that they are crazy uncomfortable. Sometimes you are seated in the vehicle with pepper, ram or even a goat (Ibadan people... Continue Reading →

Finally A Husband Tag

Hello everyone, how has your weekend been? Mine has been quite busy and fun, finally started learning to make shoes…YAY! Been wanting to for as long as I can remember and according to Mr.A, we no longer need to go shoe shopping in my house now that I am learning. So if you see any... Continue Reading →


This is a fiction post so grab a cup of coffee or tea. I hope you enjoy reading as much as enjoyed writing it.                                                                 ******* “No way!” Tola stared at the screen of her phone. “How!?!” Tola sat on her matrimonial bed upset! It was her birthday and her husband of 5 months had... Continue Reading →

Why does my baby list seem so endless?

Hey mum-to-be, it's finally weekend.  Maybe you'll get tick some things off that ever-growing baby list of yours today. “Tommee Tippee, Fisher-Price, Mothercare, which do I pick?” I remember being right where you are about three years ago. I was pregnant with my first baby and every time I looked at my baby list, I... Continue Reading →

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